Frontline Dynamics



THE Digital revolution in the air freight industry

IATA EDI is an aging but still relevant data exchange standard.

In the meanwhile, air carriers have started to carve their own digital destiny by offering APIs to enable a direct connection to their host systems.  

The long awaited digital revolution is steadily making it's way towards the air freight industry. 

The first movers (digital forwarders) have already made their entrance on the commercial scene, disrupting the forwarding industry with brilliant solutions such as having real time access to capacity and pricing from the air carriers systems. 

The production scene however, still remains largely traditional with a few isolated digital solutions. 

If today, we already have the technological landscape for forwarders to query capacity and book their shipments with the few clicks, why must an actual drop off and pick up of the shipments be so cumbersome involving traditional analog processes managed via phone calls, emails, and cash transactions? 

Frontline Dynamics was founded by frontline professionals that deal with such problems on a daily basis and were curious enough to craft a solution that we would like to use ourselves. 

Our solution foresees a unified digital cargo community that communicates and executes transactions on one common platform thereby increasing transparency and minimizing duplicate data input for all cargo players. 

We believe, its time to fast forward towards a digital cargo community!

A word on APIs.

There are many metaphors to explain APIs, none perfect. However, think of the pagers we used back in the 80s  (yes, I know we're dating ourselves now)  v/s cell phones we use today. If IATA's EDI could be compared to pagers, APIs would be the cell phones. We love this new trend and are taking advantage of it to make our solutions fit for the future. 

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Design Ethics - built by frontline CARGO operations professionals


Logical, "Cargo First" workflow.

At the core, we are cargo guys that have frontline experience in managing cargo operations for air carriers and forwarders. We think and design like cargo guys to solve cargo problems. The fact that we are also accomplished software engineers, helps.


Business rules built in.

The air freight industry is highly regulated and yet, the entry and exit points (front counter and warehouse docks) are often managed by entry level employees that need to work through several different systems and reference material in order to process a shipment. We have designed a solution to ease this problem.


Who needs a user manual?

A lot of effort is put into user manuals and nobody reads them. We believe our software is intuitive enough that anyone with only basic industry knowledge will be able to operate with minimal training.. if any!